HISTORY : SHINKAI JEETKIDOKAI, Free Fight Martial art Karate,

History Vo lac hong and kempo kan the origin of Jeetkidokaïkan



The origin of  Shinkai Jeetkïdôkaï Karaté 

The Vo lac hong school was born in the region of Gia Dinh, this martial arts school or of Viet vo dao in summer crated by an expert named Hoamg NAM this martial art and one can the source of the martial arts vietnamiens of the south of Vietnam which in the pecularity of the work of feet, firsts, techniques of scissors, and weapons as the lance the plague, and the sabre.
Numerous experts spread this martial art in the south Vietnam under the naming Vo lac, it is in 1939/45 that a Vietnamese Sino Vietnamien "d'origine" discovers this martial art which is already well developed and or there are there alrealy several schools, among wichch that of the expert and Master Pham Hing King based to Gia Dinh. That this manages a Committes Which gather all the experts of this school, under the name of haute commissions of Masters Experts.
This Vietnamese Sino expert of origin at present Japanese by the naturalisation of these parents living in Japan is other than Nguyen Luxuha who studies the techniques of this school, elready expert in Kempo martial of Okinawa, he decides sald to include the techniques of the Vo lac on returning to Japan.
In his dojo in OSAKA, he trains numerous experts, but Nguyen Lu Xu Ha is not dtill satisfied and decides to mix techniques of fight, or grappling, and sald to include also weapons xho does not exist in the school VO LAC such as Nunchaku, Tonfa, and techniques of Katana, he names this martial art Jeetkïdô kaïKan, more Known today under the name Jeetkïdôkaï.
In spite of the various technical in Nguyen and Pham Hing King he decides to turn in Vietnam and to present his martial art and to make the demonstration, him recelved the compliments to have made a complete martial art on behalf of the high committee of expert Masters and demonstrate that Jeetkïdôkaï not in only lost, by the source of the Vietnamese martial art but it in kept as techniques thaos and quyens he in the hand-to-hand fight the fight on the ground with techniques of grapplings, and other military techniques names of which are not known to it days.
Tha Jeetkïdôkaï and complete martial art because it uses the techniques of feet, fists, elbows knees, the techniques of keys, twistings, submissions, of projections, scissors, it resumes the techniques of the vo lac thaos, quyens, arms manuals long stick and courtss, plague, "it adopts the Japanese KHIONS Of the KEMPO KAN, during a time they keep the Vietnamese terminology until days or the fusion this fact and what the JAPANESE terminology is adopted there concervant technique of VO LAC, the mixture of the KEMPO KAN and of VO LAC gives birth to the JEETKIDOKAI.
It is by 1960 when Sosai Nguyen gave the definitive shape of the JEETKIDO-KAI by adding it techniques of different running military "jujitsu, fight, grappling, pancrase, diverse styles of chinese kung fu, but of which the fundamental bases stays the KEMPO KAN  and VO LAC.
Jeetkïdôkaï was born is Japan created by a Vietnamese Sino expert of origin the JEETKIDO-KAIKAN could be Sino Vietnamese by the origin of his founder but in reality he is Japanese because we find as base and foundation more than 60% of Kempo Kan of Okinawa.
The fusion of tho school the KEMPO KAN and VO LAC HONG Gives birth in :

セシャイの歴史は私達が私達の武道のスタイルの起源を説明するために抽出再開自身によって書かれた正式な資料が存在します。我々はまた、あなたに、彼は 彼は後に拳法菅沖縄と混合 が湖に香港を研究する4年間は私たちのスタイルを生んだ場所ベトナムでそーせいの移動に重点を置い異なるオープンリーディングを与える


The history of Sheshai exists in an official book written by himself we resumed extracted to explain the origin of our martial style. We also give you a different open reading more focused on moving Sosei in Vietnam where he reta four years to study the Vo lake hong he later mixed with the Kempo kan okinawa gave birth to our style,

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