What is Jeetkidokai 
It is a modern evolving discipline that can keep the philosophy and ethics of aboriginal Martial Arts. Appearing as one of the hardest styles, the most effective and the most intransigent , it becomes essential for today's warriors.
It is a recognized discipline in which to pursue liberal competitions combining the techniques of fighting with bare hands, standing and on the ground .
Binding fists , feet, elbows , knees with all the techniques of fight and projection standing chained to the ground combat by all technical bids : capital , arm locks , neck , legs , chokes .......
Our organization is open to all Martial Arts styles that competitors would test their mental strength and skills.
The Jeetkidokaikan is an explosive and realistic style that will bring you mental strength , good physical preparation, confidence, respect for others and HUMILITY .
The Jeetkïdô -Kan is a complete Martial Art that uses a variety of strikes in a fist , foot, knee , elbow, and the edge of the hand .
The ground techniques are also widely used and immobilizing the opponent is achievable thanks to the many keys at all joints of the body
Projections are also fighting techniques of Jeetkïdô -kan and thus allow to continue the fight on the ground to immobilize the opponent by keys or strangulation.
The Jeetkïdô -kaï is thus a complete Martial Art combining several levels of strikes at distances varying from near and striking technique foot and fist fighting techniques and grounding of keys, twisting, dislocation , vital points.
Our martial art is the ancestor of the Vietnamese martial arts " Volachong Kung-fu and Kempo kan Japanese Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Grappling and of the fight , " the evolution and JEETKIDOKAI.
For this reason we adopt the logos that respects our origin, and it gave birth to our style of MMA .
Hombu dojo International Jeetkidôkaï Fédération